Vacation Vacation

Today is the second day of our easter vacation and people are still enjoying it. We are only 11 in the house, so it’s very quiet around here. While the other girls went to go to Laguna beach I decided to go on a Hike with two of my friends […]


Saturday the 4th of april, some of us went shopping in a new outlet. The sun was shining and the outlet was big! We spent the whole day at the outlet and bought a lot of stuff.. And shoes.. We were six people who bought shoes and all together we […]

Laguna beach

Cecilie, Line, Caroline, Amalie and I went to Laguna Beach today, which is 2 hours away from where we live. We came around 2 and left around 6. The beach is so beautiful, and when we first saw it, it was like you imagine in movies with palms and the […]

Vacation mode!

My mother and both of my brothers arrived to California thursday night, so I spent the weekend with them. It was so nice to see some familiar faces from home again! Saturday we went to both Venice and Santa Monica Beach. It is so beautiful there! We saw the freakshow in Venice […]

Spontaneous Sunday

On Sunday the 29th of March, Line, Cecilie, Veronica and I went on a spontaneous road trip to see the Golden Oak Ranch which is a housing area Disney uses for filmmaking. The ranch is very close to where we live, and actually rumor has it that “our house” has […]

Drum party at Venice

What an exiting Sunday me and some of the girls had. The plan was to go to Venice beach at we went for a drive around LA on the way. We got to see a lot of what LA has to offer both good n bad! We drove through sunset […]

Life as a dancer

When you wake up and realise that it is 33 degres outside (celsius). Well, actually it doesn’t matter, because we are spending all the day inside anyways. The only difference for us may be that it gets even warmer in the dancestudio that is our 2nd home over here, than […]

We keep on dancing, cleaning and staying alive

It was another day of cleaning here on the ranch in the mountains, meanwhile the wind made pollen fly around and made it spread itself hither and thither and sometimes it came in through the doors while we were cleaning, so it made the dust fly around. But anyway, you […]

Carnival 2.0

Today, Tuesday, we started off the day with ballet and contemporary practice and once we finished that I directly started choreographing my hiphop assignment. The hardest part for me is always to choose the song, but once I made that decision the choreographing part when pretty well and ideas were […]

A various day! :)

After a lovely weekend with a lot of sun, where some of us had been in Six Flags, some in Outlet and some had been home relaxing in the house, we’re all now ready to start a new dancing week. Monday morning started out by some of us training our […]