A cheesy Sunday in Beverly Hills

The morning started out really quiet, and people slept really long. There was an 18+ party yesterday, so most of the people were out late. We were a few girls who went to Beverly Hills and saw Rodeo drive. There were a lot of big beautiful houses, and a lot […]

Sweaty Saturday

Saturday the 25th of April was a lovely day. Almost all the students were out and enjoying themselves, while me and Emma decided to walk to vons which is 3 km. And it was about 30 degrees outside so we got really sweaty – that’s not a surprice. We dance […]

My first photoshoot in Hollywood! ✓

Today the day started at Millennium Dance Complex with ballet at 10am with Laura Quinn. I’ve been told that it should have been a really good lesson. Unfortunately we were a few cars which didn’t make it on time due to tailback on the highway; the perks of driving a […]

Point those feet!

This morning, I went to Kana’s ballet class with a few of the other guys and afterwards, we went straight to contemporary with Nick. It’s so nice to work a little on the technique after the vacation! In the afternoon, we had an awesome hiphop class with Alex Fetbroth. He […]

Shaving much?

Wednesday… Now we can feel the vacation, our bodies are starting to hurt… Like a lot! Today we had to show our jazz solo assignment, which went really well for all of us, and it shows that all of us are getting a lot of inspiration over here! Yesterday and today, […]

Shining like Illuminati

Just another regular day in Hollywood. We are back from vacation and going hard at it already! Today, we started off with a short house meeting and afterwards a good workout in the sun with Nika Kljun. In the afternoon, we went to Millennium to take classes – turns, jazz […]

Orange County, family and vacation vibes!

As you probably know, we have enjoyed the Danish Easter vacation the last week and as far as I know, people have enjoyed their vacation with family, friends, boyfriends and great experiences. I myself have been with my parents, whom I missed and were looking forward to see. The first […]

San Diego here we go

So Monday was the day where Line, Amalie, Natalia and I decided to go to San Diego. We still have vacation and thought it would be nice to see the city because we had heard that it should be a beautiful and cozy city, so off we went 6 o […]

Walking on water

It was a rainy and cloudy tuesday today, but we have vacation! Nothing is going to knock us out. Line, Josephine, Caroline and I went to downtown L.A, we finally saw the “real” L.A. We went on a tour at the Disney Concert Hall, a really beautiful building, and a great […]

Best family ever

At this time over here, we all have vacation. I have until now spend my vacation with my lovely mom, dad and sister, who came to visit me. Today we just finished our trip to Las Vegas. We drove there Thursday when the vacation started. On the way, I won […]