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Amazing Heel Day!

5 March 2015
It was time to put the high heels on! Both for the girls and 
the boys. Some of us had to go shopping for new pair of high 
heels before a long day ahead with burlesque and high heels 
performing class. As yesterday we changed dance studio from 
"millennium dance complex" to "Debbie Reynolds Dance studio" 
and it's a plus its on the same street cause then we can take
classes at both places at the same day. Like we did today:) 
straight after high heel preforming class with Andye J. 
We were 8 girls that had under an hour to get to millennium to take 
Yanis Marshall high heels class. After a long hard day we 
wouldn't let a opportunity like this pass us by. It was such an inspirational class and we used all the energy we had left! I think most of us will sleeps really good tonight and our feet 
might hurt a "little" bit after a day like this ! But hey "No pain, no gain!!" 

Masterclass with Yanis Marshall

On the other side Sand Canyon where we live has a lot to offer!It is actually a really famous area where they sometimes shoot a lot of famous movies and TV shows like "C.S.I." and "Sons of Anarchy". The American version of "Wipeout" is actually just filmed further up the street we are living on! On my spare time I try to explore as much of this place as possible. There is a beautiful view over Santa Clarita up in the mountains. Couple of days ago Me and Adrianna took a drive up through the mountains to have a better look over it. We drove so far up 
that we were driving through clouds, but the view was stunning! 

This opportunity I have to be here is like a dream come true! I am enjoying every single moment of it, even though the time 
just flies by so quickly! So it's important to enjoy every 
single moment of it, and I am! 

Stine Christiansen