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A day with Dr. Phil

12 March 2015

Even though our days are full of exiting and new experiences, some seem more special and different than others. Thats why I have to tell you about the other day. Linette, Christina and I were so lucky that we were invited to be a part of the audience at Dr. Phil’s live TV-show. It was very exciting to see it all behind the scenes and to be a part of a TV-production. It was also weird to sit in the studio that we have seen so many times on TV. We don’t know when the actual show is aired, but we noticed how the audience have a big influence on the show and how often the audience was filmed as well. So hopefully we are gonna see ourselves on the screen! (The picture shows some presents we were lucky to get from Dr. Phil himself).

Despite our big moment on the TV-screen the dancing continued and wednesday was a great day with new styles as Krumping and Burlesque. It is always fun to try new dance styles, but we also enjoy to have our “normal” and “known” styles as jazz, which we also had wednesday, and where we feel more comfortable. Then we also had an optional class, where some of us took Break Dance, which was definitely new and challenging. Others chose House, Contemporary or hip hop at Millennium Dance Complex. All in all another good day with a lot of dancing and good energy.

– Caroline Gomm Haugaard