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A cheesy Sunday in Beverly Hills

21 April 2015

The morning started out really quiet, and people slept really long. There was an 18+ party yesterday, so most of the people were out late.


We were a few girls who went to Beverly Hills and saw Rodeo drive. There were a lot of big beautiful houses, and a lot of expensive stores. The street was so beautiful and clean, something totally different from the walk of fame. We saw a lot of amazing and cool cars, but sadly no famous people. Then we went to the cheesecake factory and ate lunch. We of course also bought cheesecakes, went to a nice little park where we could sit and eat the cheesecakes in the sun.
Before we drove home, we took a little trip around in the area and saw the huge houses and beautiful streets.
Many of the girls also took a few classes today at Mellenium, and some went shopping.
So it was a nice and relaxing Sunday
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