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Drum party at Venice

31 March 2015

What an exiting Sunday me and some of the girls had. The plan was to go to Venice beach at we went for a drive around LA on the way. We got to see a lot of what LA has to offer both good n bad! We drove through sunset strip and saw all the rockbars and then we came to Beverly Hills and drove through rodeo drive. Offcourse we saw some rich people, not that I knew if they were famous or not,but they were wearing nice dresses and fur in 32 degrees! And only rich people can do something like that! I remember when I was in LA 6 years ago I tried a jacket from one of the shops at rodeo drive. I didn’t even look at the price before I put it on, but it costed like 10 000 dollars! So crazy. I pretended to be rich for a few seconds there. The most crazy thing I saw that day was on our way to Venice beach. I was taking about chocolate in the car and suddenly on my left side I see a man pooping in the middle of the street! Everything you see in LA. We spend almost 30 min to find a parking spot at Venice. The streets was packed. I got to see the “freakshow” at Venice. I have always wanted to see it and we saw it. Crazy people: one lady with bear, one guy that put a sword down his throat, one dog with 5 legs, a girl in a electric chair and a lot of wired things you normally wouldn’t see. Every Saturday and Sunday they have drum party at the beach. People catcher around at the street and play drums and then they move further and further down at the beach as the sun goes down. People are dancing around and playing different instrument. It is so crowded and so much fun. After the sunset the police normally come and close down the music. but before they do that it is so much fun dancing around at the beach. I will defiantly go back there. Now we are heading into the last week of dancing and Debbie’s and soon Easter and vacation. So let’s so this!!

Stine Christiansen